Department of Oils & Fats

The business field Oils & fats has equipment at its disposal to process oil plants, oilseeds and other oil containing materials, vegetable oils and animal fats in laboratory and pilot scale with batch sizes from 0.1 to 1,000 kg. PPM is authorized to process genetically modified oilseeds according to the German genetic engineering law (GenTG).

  • grinder for milling of coarse grained and hard seeds as well as press cake
  • roller mills for milling and flocculation
  • steam heated vacuum drum dryer
  • expander
  • diverse screw presses for oilseed crushing (incl. cooled screw; pressing under nitrogen atmosphere)
  • solvent extraction unit with miscella distillation
  • refining laboratory
  • refining unit with the processing steps (also suitable for inter and transesterification):
    • water and acid degumming
    • neutralisation
    • bleaching
    • deodorisation
    • distillate condensation
  • desolventier / toaster (principle: fluidized bed)
  • production and filling unit for plant oils under inert gas conditions
  • deoxygenation unit for vegetable fats and oils
  • short path distillation unit for processing of deodorizer distillates
  • fluidised bed unit for processing of suspensions and bulk materials
  • stirrer tank reactors
  • steam distillation unit for essential oil extraction
  • high pressure baling presses for juice extraction from fruits
  • filter presses
  • synthesis laboratory
  • 100 l synthesis reactor unit
  • double screw extruder Leistritz 27-44D
  • plate press Dr. Collin (250 bar)

Department of Proteins

The business field Proteins is equipped with apparatus for the preparation of proteins in laboratory and pilot scale.

  • stirrer tank reactor
  • lab decanter (30 l/h)
  • ultrafiltration unit
  • tumbler screener
  • spray dryer (7,5 kg/h water evaporation)
  • freeze dryer (10 kg/d)
  • FPLC system ÄKTA purifier 100
  • freeze centrifuge
  • electrophoresis system
  • PDI measurement system acc. to AOCS Ba10b-09
  • FPLC-System ÄKTA Purifier 100
  • Kühlzentrifuge
  • Elektrophorese
  • Dispergiergerät zur Messung des PDI nach AOCS Ba10b-09
  • rheometer Physica MCR 301
  • FT-IR spectrometer Tensor 27 (Bruker)
  • DSC 200 F3 Maia (Netzsch)
  • photometer Shimadzu UV/VIS-1240
  • Bischoff HPLC