PPM is a network management facility for the ZIM cooperation network FAVA-NET, which aims to establish a value chain for fava beans, consisting of the stages plant breeding, agriculture, first processing, protein isolation, application of the protein isolate, the starchy By-products and possibly the hulls in the food sector and in the chemical-technical sector. The network partners will jointly develop and launch new innovative products and technologies.

Furthermore, PPM is part of the following networks.



The biokapsel network brings together companies from the food and pharmaceutical / medical industries with mechanical engineering and automation companies as well as suppliers from the agricultural sector to develop new technologies for embedding natural products from plants and algae into a wide range of different matrices on a natural basis.


The aim of this network is the development of new encapsulation and coating technologies. Areas of application are e.g. carrier systems with active ingredient extracts of algae for pharmaceutical products or extracts in the form of phytohormones, e.g. plant vitamins for the agricultural sector.



Insects have great potential as a food for humans and animal feed. They are a so far hardly developed source of proteins and minerals and can also make a significant contribution to the establishment of closed cycles in the food industry.


The companies and research facilities of the “Powerinsects” network want to contribute to the establishment of insect technologies on the market.


Integrierte Bioanalytik – Integrated Bioanalytics

Biological macromolecules such as proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids and lipids as well as metabolic substrates and products can be detected and quantified by bioanalytical methods. Technological advances in microsystem technology and sensor technology have made it possible to realize numerous new bioanalytical applications in the recent past.

The partners of the network intend to take up this trend and to develop new technologies from microtechnology, mathematical modeling, microfluidics and sensor technology for bioanalytical applications. Thereby, new demanding applications for the areas of nutrition, pharmacy, diagnostics and bioprocess technology shall be realized.