About PPM

PPM is a private, non-profit research and development institute. Members of PPM are companies or people dealing with plant breeding, vegetable oil production and processing, biofuels and biochemistry as well as engineering and plant construction for that industry sector. PPM runs Germany’s first and unique experimental pilot plant, designed to recover and process oils/fats and proteins from renewable resources. The staff of PPM consists currently of 20 people. Among these are chemists, engineers and laboratory assistants.

PPM is divided into the business segments oils & fats and proteins. Within these business fields PPM is working on research and development projects. In order to pursue these projects PPM raises public funds. The project results are published and applied in the areas of human and animal nutrition and the chemical industry.

Moreover, PPM performs contract research and services for companies and research institutions that are located in Germany or other countries. Apart from our expertise and our research equipment our clients appreciate especially our reliability and confidentiality.