09.12.2014, News @en

Insects – VDI-Meeting of the Working Group for Renewable Resources and Raw Materials

The potential of an increased use of insects was discussed. In addition to the use as feed or food, the use of its constituents in the fields of pharmaceutical, chemical and materials industry is conceivable. The Hermetia Baruth GmbH operates Europe’s largest plant for the production of larvae of the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens). […]

09.12.2014, News @en

Successful completion of the project “Minimization strategies for 3-MCPD fatty acid esters”

In this project positive and for the industry usable results are obtained to minimize the formation of 3-MCPD-fatty acid esters in the preparation of food. The following link gives you the opportunity to go to the homepage of the FEI, who have suitably edited the closing event and have displayed it with all the presentations […]

21.10.2014, News @en

New publications by PPM

“Rapeseed Proteins for Paperboard Coating” Jesus Palomino Oviedo, Robert Metz, John Schulz, Dr. Ralf-Peter Tressel, Dr. Frank Pudel published in “Chemie Ingenieur Technik” Link “Rapeseed shows high nutritional value for fish” Dr. Halime Idakiev published in “All About Feed” Link

13.08.2014, News @en

Company relay race 2014

With great weather, our sports colleagues fought with full commitment an honorable midfield place. Many of us were there to cheer on the runners. A great summer evening was completed with music, appetizers and a nice get-together. The detailed results and videos of the finish can be found here: Link (advanced search – Mixed-Teams – […]

13.08.2014, News @en

Impressions of the 19th NAROSSA in Poznan

With many positive impressions and new contacts, we can look back on a very successful conference. Organized by PPM e.V. and the Institute of Natural Fibres & Medicinal Plants, Poznan (Poland), every year the conference is a highlight for scientists from the fields of renewable resources and plant biotechnology. This year over 100 scientists and […]