For the fifth time, INSECTA, the leading conference on the breeding, processing and use of insects for food and feed, as well as applications in medicine, cosmetics and engineering, the conference was launched by PPM in Magdeburg in 2015 and subsequently continued in cooperation with the ATB Potsdam. The INSECTA 2019 was located in Neues Palais (New Palace) in Potsdam and offered many opportunities for expressing their opinions for more than 270 interested people from science, agriculture and insect breeding, plant construction, users, manufacturers of food and feed, lawyers and veterinarians from 38 countries. The program consisted of 4 keynote and 50 lectures and 50 poster presentations. The VDI Bezirksverein Magdeburg (English: Association of German Engineers, local group Magdeburg) once again awarded the VDI Best Young Scientists Presentation Award this year. Andreas Baur from the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg was able to convince with his presentation “Simulation of multi-stage air-separation of insects, feces, and feed residues in a Zigzag separator”. The best poster presentation sponsored by PPM was awarded to “Impact of side-stream based feed on the composition of the lesser mealworm larvae” by Lise Soetemans of the VITO in Belgium.



Insect Rearing and Production Systems

  • substrates, cycled production
  • lab-scale optimization and up-scaling
  • industrialization and automation

Insect Processing for Food and Feed

  • fractionation and processing techniques
  • nutrient composition and food products
  • pet-food, feed and aquaculture applications

Safety and Environmental Aspects

  • microbial detection and decontamination strategies
  • material flow analyses and environmental impact
  • legal aspects and quality management

Non-food Application of Insects

  • insect biotechnology
  • biopolymers and lipids
  • waste valorization


Program INSECTA-2019


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