The different business fields of PPM offer a variety of contract research and services for industrial clients as well as for research facilities. On top of that we provide courses that are specifically designed to train your staff. For each service we provide our clients beforehand with an offer that will be tailored to their needs. We always guarantee absolute discretion.

Department of Oils & Fats

  • Development and optimisation of new processes in order to recover, process, treat and modify fats and oils from plant or animal origin (like oil fruits or seeds, microalgae, insects…)
  • Trial processing of seed/fruit and oil samples under laboratory or small pilot scale conditions (incl. GMO)
  • Preparation of product samples such as crude oil, partial and fully refined, interesterified and epoxidised oils and fats, cakes, meals, …
  • Studies on the proof of fate of contaminants during processing
  • Development of synthesis and synthesis products on the basis of vegetable oils
  • Development of natural fibre reinforced plastics
  • Development of additives for plastic processing and biofuels on the basis of renewable resources
  • Trial compounding of all thermoplastic materials
  • Preparation of production samples of enzymatically treated natural fibres
  • Toll processing of plastic materials

Department of Proteins

  • Development of new techniques for the extraction and processing of proteins from plant or animal origin (like oil fruits or seeds, microalgae, insects…)
  • Preparation of product samples such as protein-rich flours, concentrates, isolates, modified plant proteins, hydrolysates and ultrapure plant proteins
  • Characterisation of the properties of raw material and protein-rich products (protein content, PDI, protein composition, denaturation and functional properties)
  • Testing the application of plant proteins in the areas of human as wells as animal nutrition and plastic materials