10/2013, Finished R&D Projects

Development of a new adhesive on the basis of plant protein

  • funding programme: ZIM (BMWi)
  • term: 01/10/2013 – 31/07/2015
  • project partner: Gutena Nahrungsmittel GmbH

Initial position:

The GUTENA Foods GmbH (GUTENA) plans an expansion of their product offering for the crisp bread “Filinchen”.
The production of crisp bread sprinkled with products such as dried fruit, seeds and other ingredients should enhance the range and meet the demands of new consumer needs. Until now, invert sugar is used for the adhesion of these scattered products. Although adequate adhesion force is achieved by the application of these hydrocolloids, they increase the amount of carbohydrates.
To increase the quality of the final product a new adhesive should not only give a nutritional value, but also contribute to a permanent adhesiveness. The adhesion could be achieved by the use of natural hydrocolloids, like plant proteins.


An adhesive agent for the adhesion of food additives on crisp bread surfaces will be developed.
Moreover, an adaptive method for dosing the adhesive agent on crisp bread will be evaluated within this project.
The new developed adhesive based on plant proteins should ensure an adequate technical and organoleptic quality of the crisp bread at the end of the process.


For the investigations proteins from sunflower, fava bean, linseed, soybean, pea and lupine were used. For the production of high-quality proteins from sunflower and fava beans the optimal extraction conditions of proteins were studied by methods of statistical experimental design.

The adhesive properties of the available protein patterns were measured. As a result, a food grade adhesive was produced on the basis of a plant protein and a technological process for the application of this new adhesive could be developed. In addition to the high holding force, the organoleptic characteristics are excellent.

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