02/2021, Current R&D projects

Development of an innovative plant-based binding agent for sausages and cold meats

  • Founding program:    ZIM / FAVA-NET (BMWI)
  • project term:                01.10.2020-30.09.2022
  • Project partner:           Girrbacher GmbH

State of the art:

In the recent past consumers started to show a growing health-conscious behaviour in their food choices by buying more sustainable and plant-based products. However, the consumption of sausages and cold meat in Germany remained relatively stable on a high level with 24.5 kg/person and year. As a preferred choice, the costumers like to select sausages and cold meat which were produced with the smallest possible amount of additives used.

Indeed, additive-free manufacturing of meat products isn’t possible. Hence, there are supplements permitted, which are used to achieve different quality characteristics, like taste or texture. For example, phosphates, methylcellulose and transglutaminase are used as binders to influence the bite respectively cut resistance. The key challenge of research is finding a way to reduce or replace additives in the sausage and could meat production using plant-based proteins.



In this project, it is planned to develop a binding agent consisting of fava bean protein, which is capable of meeting all technical and technological requirements for the use in various sausages and cold meat products. The new binding agent must be free of any concerns and risks regarding consumers health. These tasks should be meet by functionalizing the proteins and optimizing the production process of the sausages and cold meet for their use.


in progress…


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