03/2015, Finished R&D Projects

Development of highly resistant clearcoats based on Lallemantia oil for indoor and outdoor use

  • funding program: ZIM-KF (BMWi)
  • term: 01.03.2015 – 28.02.2017
  • project partner: Reincke Naturfarben GmbH, Weseroil GmbH

Initial position:

In the color area there has been no reliable coating systems, which consist of 100% renewable raw materials and which is suitable as a clear coat for inside and outside. Existing systems have their problems among others in the field of weather resistance, water swell ability, yellowing and drying time. The use of Lallemantia oil in the known binder formulations could significantly advance the development here. Very promising are the first tests with epoxidized Lallemantia oil, but also an urethanization and other reactions such as with maleic anhydride and unsaturated alcohols are expected to bring a significant improvement in coating properties.


The aim of the research cooperation project is the development of new binder systems by Lallemantia oil cookings and their use in innovative and highly durable varnishes for indoor and outdoor use. To achieve this objective, 3 subprojects of the cooperation partners are necessary. PPM develops a modified and requirements appropriate extraction and processing method of providing the raw material Lallemantia oil. The company Weseroil develops a process for the production of semi-finished products from the cooking of Lallemantia oil. The semis are varnish and new binders which are processed by the company Reincke in a 3rd subproject phase to functional quality clear coats.


In the subproject of PPM, a process for the extraction and processing of the raw material Lallemantia oil was developed evaluating the required process steps for the binder production and further processing to varnish.

The process stages seed conditioning, 1st and 2nd pressing, refining of the pressing oil and solvent extraction of oil were examined. The processing steps pressing the seed, filtering the crude oil and a partial refining with degumming and deacidification of the oil resulted in an optimized processing.

The Lallemantia oil, which was produced as a partial raffinate, was processed as binder by the project partners Weseroil GmbH and Reincke Naturfarben GmbH and successfully incorporated into varnish.

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