04/2015, Finished R&D Projects

Protective omega-3 oil-protein-replacement systems for nutritionally unfavorable fats in long-life cold meat products (PROMEPS)

  • funding program: ZIM-KF (BMWi)
  • term: 04/2015 – 03/2017
  • project partner:

DELIKATA Magdeburger Fleisch- und Wurstwaren GmbH,

NUBILOSA Molekularzerstäubung GmbH & Co. KG,

Institut für Agrar- und Stadtökologische Projekte a.d. HU Berlin (IASP)

Initial position:

Foods with nutritionally high-quality ingredients make an important contribution to a healthy nutrition and are increasingly in demand by consumers as functional food products with bioactive substances. Omega-3 fatty acids (n-3 PUFA, α-linolenic acid) are of great importance for human consumption due to the many positive health effects. Omega-3 fatty acid-enriched products should therefore have a high interest among consumers.

However, omega-3 fatty acid-rich vegetable oils, such as the oil from Lallemantia iberica (Iberian dragonhead), can not be incorporated into foodstuffs which are intended as permanent products due to their high oxidation susceptibility. The rapid formation of pronounced rancid off-flavours and physical instability caused a greatly reduced stability. Therefore, the oils must be protected. One form of protection is the encapsulation.



Novel methods for the production of omega-3 fatty acid-enriched brewing sausage and long-life dried meat products have to be developed wherein the oil of the plant Lallemantia iberica is encapsulated by means of vegetable proteins in a spray drying process. This product will then be added to the sausage. The main objective of PPM is the development of a process for the isolation of suitable plant proteins.


The protein sources Iberian dragonhead and hemp were tested. Out of the presscakes produced during the mechanical oil production, protein concentrates from the Iberian dragon head and hemp protein isolates could be produced . The functional properties of the prepared protein samples were investigated. The laboratory results were successfully transferred to the small pilot scale. The protein preparations are particularly suitable for the production of cheese, yoghurt or beverages.

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