03/2021, Current R&D projects

Vega-Feinkost; technology to produce a protein quark based on field beans.

  • Funding programme: ZIM (FAVA-NET-Project)
  • Funding code: 16KN083927
  • Project term: 2020-03-01 to 2022-02-28
  • Project partners: Petersilchen GmbH

Initial situation:

In 2018, 950 tons of bio-mayonnaise and related products have been sold in Germany. Therefore 15-30 tons of bio-emulsifier in powdered form are required, depending on the quality. On one hand, lecithin from egg yolk as well as paracasein are not applicable as emulsifiers. On the other hand, soya lecithin, which is often used as a vegan alternative, does neither fulfil the bio-regulations nor does it have a neutral taste. When it comes to achieving the desired features, alternative protein sources, e. g. sunflower- or pea proteins are not suitable. That is because they lead to a low minimum durability and have a particular taste of their own and can therefore only be used for a part of the target delicatessen-spectrum. A protein isolate of the domestic field bean fulfils the bio-regulations (unlike soya lecithin) if synthetic plant protection, artificial fertilizers and genetically modified seeds are going to be left out. Due to its mere plant-based origin, the protein isolate is usable for a vegan diet. Preliminary examinations have shown the basic suitability of field bean protein isolate as an emulsifier.


The objective of this project is to develop a protein quark based on field beans with enhanced sensorics, which can be used as a bio-emulsifier to produce vegan and vegetarian delicacies (e. g. mayonnaise, spreads).


In process…

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